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Movement & KFF as “EXTO” official event

By Aprile 7, 2014Uncategorized

Kappa FuturFestival has been presented as an “EXTO” event, among the other simultaneous events of Milan Expo 2015 planned by the City of Turin.

With the participation of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy Maurizio Martina and the EXPO 2015 Commissioner Giuseppe Sala, Turin’s Mayor Piero Fassino and the Cultural Council Member Maurizio Braccialarghe presented this morning at Regio Theatre, “EXTO”, an extensive schedule that includes art, food, spirituality, sport, environment and design. << This will be a year as important as the Olympics one>> said Mayor Piero Fassino. Even the budget is the same: 10 thousands euros are destined to be used for the events such as the exposition of the Holy Shroud, anniversary of Don Bosco’s birth, Turin sport capital. 2015 will see the opening of the new the 200th Egyptian museum, the twinning Torino – Berlin, World Forum of Local Economic Development, international exhibitions on Monet, Kandinsky and Raffaello. Besides, the opening of the Polo del ‘900 and the Polo Reale are being already planned. After all Turin is just 33 minutes far from Milan and in 2015 tourists will have good reasons to stay here: << We have all the means to do it, let’s play it out right and until the end>>, finished Fassino.

Council Member Braccialarghe, during the presentation of the individual events of the cultural schedule, stressed out the importance of Kappa FuturFestival (summer 2014) and Movement (later in the year), defining them as two major musical events that the City dedicates to the new generations.