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Kappa Futurfestival 2014 | Final Report

By Luglio 21, 2014Uncategorized

Movement Entertainment is proud to share with its supporters the great results of Kappa FuturFestival- Torino Summer Festival 2014’s 3rd edition that, also thanks to the precious support of the municipal administration, has become the most loved, urban, 100% daily event in format of Italian Clever Entertainment with zero impact on public finances.  

Program and Artists 

The Festival was held in 2 days, on 3 stages, and has seen perform 43 artists, 13 of which were Italian (10 from Turin). The extraordinary location of Parco Dora proved to be the best spot for this event once again. 


Territory and Tourism

KFF has further strengthened the tight bounds with the Territory through the collaboration with the most qualified Italian industrial institutions, 6 of which are based in Turin and with 50 local suppliers; KFF offers jobs for more than 400 human resources and interacts with local tourist operators. KFF Hospitality System® conveyed 800 (+150%) overnight stays in affiliated hotels, 1.000 runs with our Mobility Partner ProntoTaxi 011 5737. It has been estimated that the territorial economic outcome produced by the Festival was € 1.3 million. 


35.000 (+60%) attendees over the 2 days of the Festival. 15.000 (+110%) guests from outside of Piedmont; 2.500 (+70%)  foreign guests. 

Public order and health care

KFF was held according to all the current regulations. It availed itself of the qualified medical care 118, PIN A.S.L. Torino 2 sanitary unit of the City of Turin and NeuTravel A.S.L. Torino 4 sanitary unit of Regione Piemonte; the precious collaboration of Turin’s Central Police Station helped to obtain an amazing result of the event.


Thanks to the extraordinary collaboration with NTV Italo, KFF initiated a sustainable extra-urban mobility program. GTT and Taxi 5737 further reinforced  the interurban mobility.  The partnership with Global Inheritance (non-profit foundation founded in Los Angeles in 2002) has fueled the Trashed- Art of Recycling educational campaign. 

Communication and Media

The Festival has been anticipated by an intense communication campaign carried out on printed editions, web, billprints and radio: the partnership with Media Leaders has certified the profile of the advertising communication. From April 1st to July 20th, 107.933 single visitors (+25%) out of 354.295 page visualizations (+38%) were registered on the KFF website. Average visit duration: 02’58”.  89 countries paid a visit  with the following  scaling: Italy, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany. Facebook: 31.083 likes (+120%), 34.000 average daily visitors,  17.078.088 friends of the fans, over 23 millions contacts reached


Special Thanks

Istitutional Partner 

Presidenza della Repubblica, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Regione Piemonte, Città di Torino, Circoscrizione 4 e 5

KFF ringrazia per il prezioso supporto 118, ASL Torino 2, ASL Torino 4, Arma Carabinieri, Polizia Municipale, Polizia di Stato, Vigili del Fuoco

Cultural Partner

Circolo dei Lettori, Museo del Risparmio, Fondazione CRT

Commercial Partner


BasicNet – Kappa


Bacardi, RedBull, Vodafone

Main Media

LaFeltrinelli,, Radio M2O, TicketOne


Heineken, Pepsi


NTV-Italo, GTT, FiatGroup Mirafiori MotorVillage, Taxi5737


Resident Advisor, WU Magazine


Acqua Eva, Modo, PalestreTorino, Sebach


Art Hotel Olympic, Ibis, GoldenPalace, Mercure


Global Inheritance


Noodles, Shorr-Kan, Adfarm&Chicas, Wrong Studio, Spucches


Electronic-Community, EventBrite, TicketOne, Ticket.It, RA