• Mobility: agreements with local authorities and mobility companies to encourage the use of public transport
  • Energy: adoption of highly efficient equipment
  • Waste: selective disposal and recycling in collaboration with specialised consortium
  • Food&Beverage: preferential use of local products and compostable materials and cutlery
  • Educational programs to foster customers’ awareness


  • Zero impact on public finances
  • Economic return of about €25 mln per year


  • Cashless: tailor made system to manage all economic transaction for the purchase of goods and services
  • E-tickets: fully digital and integrated ticketing platform
  • Sound control: use of the most recent audio systems and techniques to limit unvoluntary noise emissions


  • Urban revitalisation and broadening of cultural offer (festivalisation Richards, Palmer 2010)
  • Promotional effect of the territory


Parco Dora Evolution

Year: 2023/2026

Movement Entertainment is carrying out a urban regeneration project of the so-called Roseto, in Parco Dora. The works, carried out as Sponsorship of ​​the City of Torino lasting 3 years, means to overcome architectural barriers by removing concrete steps in order to make the area more accessible and inclusive.

Horizon 2020 MONICA

Year: 2017/2020

Kappa FuturFestival was one of the pilot sites for the MONICA project, co-funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. The project tested I.o.T. technologies for sound, noise, and security management during large urban events.
One of the main stages worked as the main experimental area and thus benefited from an innovative sound containment system that involved positioning speakers opposite to those facing the audience to reduce sound dispersion and minimize its impact on the surrounding residential areas.
Regarding security, next-generation cameras provided real-time crowd size and density information, alerting law enforcement to any unusual behaviors.