. Dissemination of music culture
. Strict safety & security procedures
Digitalisation of processes and services
Network of top local and international partners
Highly specialised and experienced team
. Promotion of tourism in the region
. 30 million of digital reach


1. Mobility:
. locations easy to reach with public transport
. agreements with local and national mobility companies for fixed fares
2. Production:
. usage of facilities with high energetic efficiency
. waste disposal and recycling in collaboration with the local company
3. Food & beverage:
. local seasonal products
. compostable materials/crockery
4. Awareness:
. recycling project in collaboration with Global Inheritance

. “Zero” impact on public finances
. Positive economic outcome of about 25 mln per year

. Urban revitalisation and broadening of cultural offer (festivalisation Richards, Palmer 2010)
. Employment of over 1.300 people throughout the year, corresponding to a full-time equivalent of 50 people
. Engagement of local suppliers and stakeholders