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Essential Ibiza Review

By Agosto 2, 2014Uncategorized

Saturday is not the night when you’d normally go to DC10. But in August the rules of the game change, and the club that is packed every Monday and Wednesday but stays closed during the rest of the week, offers an additional hand-picked series of events. Presented as separate one-offs last summer, this season all the Saturdays are united under the Italian festival giants Movement brand and showcase that kind of house sound that is very forward-thinking and very much in-demand currently. We visited DС10 on August 9 to catch the Lost In A Moment party with Dixon, Gerd Janson and Ame (live & DJ set) at the decks.

This was probably one of the most elitist line-ups of Ibiza 2014. Gerd Janson, the DJs’ DJ, is a rare guest on the island. Ame turned into living legends 9 years ago after releasing their seminal Rej EP, and Dixon’s stakes went up considerably after he was named the best DJ in the world by RA, yet they still stay visibly north of the line that separates “cool and unique” from “popular with the masses”. That night the Terrace was closed, the Garden served as a chill out with no music, and the main room turned out to be the only dancefloor, which was full. When we arrived, Dixon was spinning, and at 4am he was replaced by Ame. The music they played fitted DC10 like a glove, adding to the sound championed by Circo Loco and Paradise, another dreamy, groovy, trippy note. Knowing that all the night belonged to them and there were no other attractions (or shall we call it distractions?) around, the musicians played as if there was no “tomorrow”, no “now”, and the very notion of time and space was abandoned and left far behind. Darkness was instrumental in perceiving it – actually, to get the full Lost In A Moment experience you should have tried to dance with your eyes closed and literally get a bit lost.

Heading to the club, we expected to find something similar to Pandemonium – the now defunct party by Tania Vulcano that used to take place in DC10 on Fridays and was a close-knit affair for the island’s locals and committed techno-heads. Another party of the recent past that definitely rang a bell with us was the Innervisions’ showcases at We Love in Space, where Dixon and Ame were joined by Henrik Schwarz. What we witnessed eventually was in fact more similar in terms of vibe to that of Circo Loco, when this party’s evolution from clandestine afterhours to the biggest Monday occasion of the island was only in progress. The up-for-it crowd was raving so enthusiastically, one would never guess this wasn’t their weekly habit.

Next Saturdays in DC10 promises to be just as delightful: as Apollonia, aka Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom, will be playing all night long, on August 23 No.19 Music will present Social Experiment with Art Department, Eric Volta, Dennis Ferrer, Nitin and Louie Fresco, and August 30 will be branded as Hi Tech Soul with Derrick May, Joe Claussel and Lollino. These nights are bound to be fun! But the most sincere impression we can share after visiting Lost In A Moment is that DC10 seems to be more than ready for another weekly party. Will we be lucky enough to see the club open its doors on Saturdays in July 2015? Time will tell… And meanwhile, thanks for that off-schedule amazing experience!

Look out for Movement Festival in Torino, Italy on October 31, as it gathers together one of the biggest underground line ups outside of Ibiza.