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DJs, musicians and music aficionados share their tips for the best raves, gigs and concerts to look forward to next year



I really like Kappa Futur Festival Turin because it was one of the first daytime events in Italy and next year it’s its tenth anniversary. It brings a lot of people together from all across Europe – all to celebrate dance music. The amazing venue is the backdrop to the festival and is what makes it unique. It’s in Parco Dora – a park that used to be an old car factory, so you have these huge steel columns that have become very iconic. Whenever I play, I have the freedom to play techno and house music to people who are so passionate about it – there’s always a lot of passion at Kappa. You can really feel the energy there. I’ll carry on playing as long as they’ll have me. To reach a milestone like ten years is a testament to how good a festival it is. I think they’ll reach 20 years, no problem.

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