Movement Entertainment, headquartered in Turin, is the proud proprietor of the registered trademarks Movement, FuturFestival, and Audiodrome.
Our company is dedicated to crafting clever entertainment experiences within the realms of electronic music and digital arts. Throughout the years, we have evolved into a prominent industry leader, nurturing our brand’s integrity, implementing seamless payment systems, and fostering trustful relationships with institutions and authorities.
Thanks to its corporate structure and an extensive network of skilled local and international suppliers enable us to cater to our own brand portfolio while also providing tailored solutions on a contractual basis.


Artistic direction: artistic line definition, booking management and artist hospitality
Marketing: sponsor scouting, B2B and B2C communication, including press, advertising and social media
Production: design and development of all technical and logistical aspects, as well as food & beverage services
Human resources: selection and training of personnel
Safety & Security: analysis of the regulatory framework, definition of working protocols, relationship with institutions
Organizational secretariat: ticketing services, multi platform customer service
Technology: adoption of the latest innovations to digitize processes and improve the user experience