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Business Update 4.2014

By April 7, 2014December 5th, 2016Business Update

Clever Entertainment Business Information

Focus On

Kappa FuturFestival’s partner, the leading Italian multimedia store. Carta Più holders will receive a special discount on KFF tickets available in all La Feltrinelli stores in Italy.

Red Bull
Redbull GmbH, worldwide famous company, has chosen KFF as its main marketing platform in the live dance entertainment. A futuristic distribution structure and the Redbull Tour Bus stage will be a great revelation of the 3rd edition of KFF.

Breaking News

Zoom Night Safari Festival
The second edition of this original production is about to take off, co-designed by Movement Culture. Gian Luigi Casetta, founder of the Zoom Torino BioPark, says: «Our concerts and performances of international artists have an important mission: to raise the funds to protect the White Rhinos, highly endangered species, victims of poaching. Bringing together music and  environmental topics serves to involve an audience of different ages and interests into safeguarding projects».
Italo muove KFF14
The extraordinary partnership with Italo has been renewed and favors a sustainable and smart mobility: 10% discount per route for all those who will visit Turin
during the weekend of 4th – 7th July. Find the codes on the official website. Palestre Torino

Palestre Torino renews its partnership with KFF as the Exclusive Wellness Partner: special promotions on subscriptions.


Movement carries on a collaboration with two special projects: Neutravel ASL Torino 4, a regional initiative, that deals with the reduction of damage caused by assumption of drugs, and PIN ASL Torino 2, sponsored by City of Turin to prevent the alcohol abuse risks.


KFF14 Teaser
The national preview of the new KFF Teaser, released on the multimedia channel of “”, has reached more than 10 thousand views in a few days.


Social data
Movement Entertainment counts 92.247 friends on FB, 13.487.142 friends of the fans and  an average audience capacity registers  342.847 each week.