Cashless Payment System


Movement Entertainment is the first company in the live-entertainment sector in Italy, and among the very few in Europe, to use Cashless technology for electronic music and visual arts.

Cashless technology is a digital management system of economic transactions for the purchase of goods and services. It replaces the traditional plastic token, the so-called “token”, and it reduces the circulation of cash thanks to the use of contactless technology with an RFID card.

The system improves the audience experience as well as the Festival’s accounting reliability. Thanks to the modern reporting system, it allows you to receive data on sales and the customers’ spending propensity in real time.


  • Reduction in the circulation of cash to the benefit of public safety
  • Reliable and real-time sales reporting
  • Possibility of control of individual transactions
  • Immediate replacement in case of theft or loss
  • Reduction in queue and waiting time

How it works

Customers receive their card at the top-up stations, where they can recharge it using cash, debit or credit card. Then, it’s possible to spend the credit activated on their card at all the retailers present within the festival.

At the end of the festival they can choose whether to get a refund of the left-over credit or to register on the Paycard portal to use it at the next festival.

Below an informative video.

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